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There has never been a better opportunity to make a major impact on the underwater connector industry.
We’re looking for pioneers with an eye for new subsea interconnect solutions who can deliver a fully realized product line.
We’re looking for visionaries who want to command a new market niche in underwater connectivity.
We’re looking for teams who seek to expand and disrupt the wet mate connector market for the next generation.
We’re looking for you!
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You’re an industry leader. Our goal is to help you keep that distinction by giving you the means to bring new, disruptive connector products to market. No one has done this successfully in decades. We make it easy for your team to bring new, exciting products to market by providing the foundational technology.

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Our innovative technology plus your market position and manufacturing capabilities equal a partnership that is destined to change the industry, increase your share of the market, and cement your position as a technology leader.

  • Revolutionary seal designs to enable a new generation of wet-mateable connectors
  • Patents
  • Product Drawings
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  • Tooling
  • Prototypes