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Pontus New Technology Expected to Disrupt and Expand the Wet-Mate Connector Marketplace

With modern intervention systems able to operate throughout the oceans, ‘normal’ sorts of work are now possible on much of our planet’s heretofore inaccessible surface. Existing underwater mateable connectors fundamentally unchanged since the 1990’s, are not suited for the wide variety of new applications. The manufacturer who enables these applications with smaller, lighter-weight, economical fluid-filled connectors should have a commanding industry position for decades. Pontus Subsea owns the new patented technology. It could be yours.

Typical Pontus Oil-Filled Products
Subsea Connectors
Underwater-mateable connectors are specialized electrical, optical or hybrid electro-optical devices that allow circuits to be connected and/or disconnected in extremely harsh environments (deep sea, littoral zone, battlefield, etc.). They are used in a multitude of applications including those listed below, and their future uses will continue to expand, in both subsea and terrestrial harsh environment networks. Existing high reliability fluid-filled products for heavy-duty use are not suitable for many of the new applications. Pontus new compact, light-weight technology is aimed at satisfying the new challenges.
Deep Sea Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Offshore Platform Command, Control, & Communications


Naval Submarine Outboard Systems

Homeland & National Security

Tsunami Early Warning Networks

Offshore Energy Farms

Seafloor Real-Time Observatories
Pontus Connector Technology

Subsea wet-mate connectors now represent an annual market of over $500M and growing. This strong stable industry lacks affordable products suitable for today’s new applications. The products now commercially available have remained substantially unchanged since the 1990’s… until now.

Pontus’ revolutionary wet-mate connectors address the problem with a simple end-seal construction that greatly reduces part count, materials, and assembly time. The result is smaller, less expensive, lighter weight wet-mates for a wide variety of modern uses.

Your chance to acquire this breakthrough technology is here.

Ideal Industries
Pontus Subsea Connectors patented technology is suited for all industries, but is particularly ideal for the following:
Our Core Team
Dr. James Cairns
Founder: Pontus Subsea Connectors
Physicist, inventor, and subsea connector pioneer. Patented oil-filled connectors, revolutionizing underwater connectivity. Cairns invented the world’s first fluid filled wet-mate connector in the 1960’s and then the first ever hybrid (electrical-fiber optic) wetmate in the 1990’s. Co-founded Challenger Marine Connectors and Ocean Design, Inc. (ODI). Dedicated to inspiring future inventors. Award-winning contributions to marine science and technology.
Dr. Andrew M. Clark
Pontus Partner

Ocean engineer and developer of deepsea instrumentation, seafloor networks and underwater vehicles (both manned and UUVs). Director of R&D at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, founder and CEO of both L3-Harris Maritime Communications (Harris-Caprock) and CSnet International, Inc. Has authored over 50 technical publications for and holds US and International patents for underwater systems design.

How Pontus Can Help You

You’re an industry leader. Our goal is to help you keep that distinction by giving you the means to bring new, disruptive connector products to market. No one has done this successfully in decades. We make it easy for your team to bring new, exciting products to market by providing the foundational technology.

We Deliver

Our innovative technology plus your market position and manufacturing capabilities equal a partnership that is destined to change the industry, increase your share of the market, and cement your position as a technology leader.

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